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Frank Crispo The Country Picker

Frank Says..Hello Everyone


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Posted 10/15/2014

Hello! My Name Is Frank Crispo And I Am A "Senior Citizen"!

Won't you please just sit back, put your feet up and relax, like me! We hope you will take a little time out and enjoy browsing around our fun website. You might even have a few chuckles along the way! Me and my wife Judy are really enjoying our "Senior Years"! You know, it really isn't so bad. I am 78 and Judy is 73. Remember, age is only a number! Always enjoy your life, your family, your friends and just maybe, your neighbors, too! Why not? That is what we do! Well, guys, take your time, look around and we hope you will come back again. My creative wife, Judy is always looking to add something new to our website. Sooo.... come on back again and see if you can find what's new on our fun Website! See you again!


Take Care Everyone!

"Frank Crispo The Country Picker"



I have been married to my wife Judy for forty two years and we are now having fun being "Senior Citizens". We really find it hard to believe that we are now "Senior Citizens", but it is true! Judy and I really do have a lot of fun being known as... "Mr. and Mrs. Country Picker"

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Frank Crispo The Country Picker

because of the business they are in. Yes, it is a Clean Up and Trash Removal business which offers a service of house clean - outs, businesses, out side property clean-up and small demolition! My wife and I are doing what we really love to do in these later years.Their trash business is not work to them, but just a lot of fun. My wife and I love meeting many nice people over the years. I am not only known to be a "Country Picker"  who loves his work, his family and friends, I also have a great love for music. Frank and his old band buddies were back together again for awhile with a band called "The Senior Power Explosion". It makes sense, doesn't it? Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the band had to take some time off. Judy and I say that the "Senior Citizen" years just get better and better everyday for us. Especially, because we are together! You must always try to keep a possitive attitude, be well, and be happy, too! We do!


Frank Loves What He Does

Frank has also been a businessman in the community for many years. In his local community he is very well known as "The Country Picker" and what he does for a living along with the help of his wife Judy.

Frank With Sledge Hammer

Frank Crispo is always on the job!

Frank Crispo and his wife Judy have also been working together in their very own "Trash Removal and Hauling Service"  business for many years. Frank and Judy have worked very hard over the the years to build their business into what it is today. Around town, Frank is known

all over the local area as the "Country Picker", especially when it comes to Frank and his clean out service of residential homes. Frank Crispo also provides his clean out service to estates for clean outs, Residential and Commercial work, plus so much more. In his "Trash Removal and Hauling Service"  business, Frank, also offers his clean out service to many types of General Contractors, Realtors, Property Management Companies, and the homeowner. If you do need to have something cleaned out, cleaned up, hauled away and disposed of, then Frank Crispo is the man for you to call. Frank will get the job done!! You will be glad you contacted "Frank 's Clean Up and Trash Removal Service"  for all of your clean up needs!


Frank Loves What He Finds

Over the many years of working in his clean out service, especially a lot of the residential homes, Frank and Judy have come across a lot of items and unusual interesting antique finds. Frank says..... he really

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Frank & Judy Rec Room Antiques Blk & Gold Frame

Showing Some Collectable Finds!

loves to pick through the stuff and bring the "Goodies" right on home to Judy. Frank and his wife Judy really do love decorating their home with some of these unusual items and or antique finds. All of Frank and Judy's family and friends are just amazed at what Frank finds on the job. Frank says..... I am always looking for that one very special thing for my girl "Judy". Everyone cannot believe some of the good things that people really don't want anymore and they just throw it away. Everyone cannot get over how Judy can take some of these things and how she can incorporate them into her style of decor. Frank and Judy  just love it! We are very happy being together and doing what we love!


Frank Really Loves His Music

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Frank at 263  72
Frank Crispo Enjoys His Music!


Frank still finds the time for the love of his music. Frank and his wife Judy have so many fond and fun memories of the good old music days. Some of the places they played were really something else for us to remember. Frank Crispo has been involved with many bands throughout the years in his local area. Make sure you check out Frank's Biography section. Now that Frank Crispo is a "Senior Citizen" himself, with lots of time to spare, he now wanted to find something that he would really love to do in that spare time. Frank has reunited with his old buddy band members and he has now put together a new band called "Frank Crispo" and "The Senior Power Band". Of course, it makes sense, now that the guys have all become "Senior Citizens"  too! Frank is a great advocate for the "Senior Citizen", especially now that he has become one himself."Frank"  says......" we are not to be forgotton, we count too!" We, as "Senior Citizens"  love living our life in our own way! Please don't throw us away! We, the "Senior Citizen" count, too! Frank has had a long friendship with his old band buddies over the years. Frank's good old buddies from years ago are John Hartley (guitar and vocals), Des Sands (guitar and vocals), and Rich Bosco (keyboard). All the "Senior Citizen" guys are now enjoying their life and renewed friendship, loving their music, and of course all their loyal "Senior Power"  fans as they go through their "Senior Citizen" years together. Or, some folks like say...."The Golden Years" !


A Comment From Judy Crispo 

Hello Everyone! Here is a little nostalgia from me, Frank's wife, Judy Crispo (Mrs. Country Picker). I would like to share with you a few of my all time favorite pictures of Frank. The pictures below were taken way back in the early years when Frank had his band and we played music all over our local area. We had such a good time in those early years with so many fond memories. Boy, they were the days! What fun! I also have to say that we do have many fond memories of our life together throughout all the years of being married to each other along with our wonderful children and our grandchildren. We also, have two grandaughters that are married now. Who knows, we might become great grandparents in our Senior years. Wow, wouldn't that really be something? Well, that dream really came true. We are pleased to announce that we are going to become "GREAT GRAND" parents. Well, that is something! We will tell you more as it happens. Please enjoy your visit with us throughout our website and learn more about Frank  the "Country Picker" . Take care everyone!


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Frank  Microphone
Frank Crispo "The Early Years"!
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  Frank & Judy "The Early Years"!



Frank and Judy "The Later Years" 

Frank & Judy  who are "Senior Citizens"  themselves, are now enjoying their "Golden Years"  together. Frank  is now 78 and Judy  is 72. Frank and Judy have been married forty one years. They now have a "Great Grandchild" named benjamin born May 1st 2016, Way to go guys! Just keep on keepin' on!! 


Frank & Judy 2013 

            Posted 8/14/2014


Frank & Judy B Party 72

             Posted 12/12/2014


Frank Crispo Country Picker 464X311  72

    Posted 08/17/2016


Frank & Judy Enjoy 2015  464X311  72

       Posted 10/17/2015  


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This website is intended for the enjoyment of Frank Crispo,The Country Picker and all the people who come to visit our website! We are all about having fun and enjoying life. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you will enjoy your time with us and come back and visit with us again soon! Be well everyone!




 Hi There Everyone....

I just can't stop having fun

when it comes to the Country Picker! 



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